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Turtles are sea creatures that may also double up indoor domestic pets. They are almost entirely aquatic in nature and hence require plenty of water to keep. Regardless of the variations in their species, they all display some common characteristics.

They are all reptiles, have a hard outer shell which shields them from harsh external conditions and keeps off danger by mainly hiding their heads inside their hard shells when faced with dangers from predators.

Even though they are inedible, they are still beneficial to humans. This is because they may be kept in the aquarium and in so doing exude the benefit of added aesthetics to the rooms. Their main strength as household pets lies in the fact that they require minimal attention on the part of homeowners. This is because they rarely fall sick, are attacked by comparatively fewer pests, and also require less food for survival. Because of these, many homeowners world over keep them as indoor pets.

On the flipside, they are potentially harmful especially if carelessly handled. They have the ability to transmit Salmonella bacterial infection owing to the fact that they are carriers of the same. In light of this, adequate care ought to be taken while handling them.




1. Messier

Generally speaking, turtles are messier than ordinary fish and other aquatic animals. This is because they excrete larger wastes when compared to those of fish and other water animals. This means that extra effort has to be employed to ensure that the aquarium is kept in the best shape and form at all times. This feat is only achievable by best filter system for turtles.

2. Vulnerable to Water-borne Infections

Turtles are on the whole more vulnerable to infections since aquariums are not their natural habitats. One of the ways and means through which such infections can be avoided is by making sure that the water in which they are kept is as clean and habitable as possible. Even though there are several ways and means of accomplishing this, making use of strong water filter is by far the most reliable.

3. Larger in Size

They are also larger in size and are hence less mobile. They are hence not capable of evading their own messes as is the case with other smaller aquatic animals. The only way in which they may be shielded from the side effects of their messes is by keeping the water clean. This can only be assured when a strong water filter is invoked.

4. Susceptible to Suffocation

Messier water inhibits breathing. When wastes dissolve in water, they react with the dissolved oxygen to give rise to unbreathable compounds. It, therefore, goes without saying that the longer the turtles are subjected to this condition, the more susceptible they will be to the risk of suffocation. Only a strong water filter may get rid of these impurities to leave behind breathable air.

5. Need for Visual Clarity

These sea creatures are mainly kept in aquariums for their aesthetic value, as has already been hinted above. Because of this, the water in which they are bred has to be as clear as possible, otherwise, they might be rendered inconsequential. No other gadget ensures that the water in which the turtles are bred is as clear as possible at all times like the strong water filters.

6. Ward off Foul Stench

In case the messes are not eliminated timely and consistently, they inevitably give rise to the foul stench. This may subsequently interfere with the habitability of the room interior as well as with the occupants. When this happens, the occupants of the said rooms might contract some respiratory tract infections. Only strong water filters may prevent this problem from arising by reason of being effective waster removers.

7. Prevent the Growth of Algae

Closely related to the above is the danger of the growth of algae. It is a well-known fact that algae thrive in contaminated waters. If and when they grow, they interfere with the breathability of the water, compete for nutrients and also inhibit the visibility of the water in the aquarium. Only a strong water filter can be relied on to prevent their growth and the attendant side effects.

8.Prevent Premature Deaths

If the messes are left to contaminate the aquarium unabated, the inevitable end results in the premature death of the turtles. This eventuality is not desirable at all. This is due to the heavy financial losses that come along as well as unnecessary inconveniences. It is thus in the best interest of the homeowner to acquire a strong filter to remove the messes timely.




To obtain the best size of tank for turtles, the following parameters or factors have to be considered:


Size and Weight of the Turtle

This is the measure of the size and eight of the turtle. It goes without saying that a larger and heavier turtle requires plenty of room as compared to a lighter and smaller turtle. Adequate measures have to be taken to ensure that the tank of choice can accommodate the respective turtle.

Number of Turtles

This is why it is most important to research and choose your best turtle filter! Besides the size and weight of the respective turtle, the sum total of the turtles to be kept also counts. This again is because a higher number of turtles require extra room as opposed to the smaller number of turtles. This is to avoid suffocation and unnecessary strains while in the aquarium.

Amount of Space Available

The tanks are subsequently mounted atop tables, in corridors, or empty tops. The amount of space that is available in these areas also dictates the size of the tank that may be utilized for the job. This is to avoid incompatibilities whenever the tank is mounted on its rightful place. It is, therefore, necessary to figure how just how much space is available and look for that tank that can fit there hassle-free.


This entails asking the following question: ‘How often do I change residence?’ A family that is constantly on the go will definitely want a tank that is smaller in size, lighter, and more compact. This is to facilitate the packing, loading, off-loading, and unpacking of the household items while making a move. A more permanent family, on the other hand, may prefer a bulkier and heavier tank.

Financial Resource Endowment

Size and cost are directly correlated. This means that a larger tank costs more and vice versa. Before embarking on a purchase, the financial resource available should also be considered to avoid unnecessary strains.




The following are some of the factors to look out for while choosing the best turtle filter for your tank:


Tank Size

The sheer size of the tank determines to a great extent the kind of filter that may be fitted. This is because a larger tank holds a greater volume of water which subsequently determines the strength of the filter that may be used. The right filter in this regard should be strong enough to be able to handle the volume of water that is held by the tank. This is to avoid inefficiencies in the process of purifying water.

Size and Number of Turtles

‘How many turtles do you want to keep in the tank?’ ‘What is the relative size i.e. weight and overall dimensions of each turtle?’ These two are crucial concerns because they are the ones that determine the size, toughness, and other relevant features of the tank. They, in turn, determine the size, relative strength, and efficacy of the filters that are fitted onto the tank. This is where best turtle tank filters come into play!


This is the component of the filter that provides the rotational force that subsequently filters the water. Motors come in different sizes and technical capacities. They also exhibit certain unique characteristics such as power consumption, noise emissions, and overall life expectancy. The choice of the best motor is largely determined by the intended location of use and the volume of water handled. A good motor ought to be as quiet as possible in case the tank is located in areas that are sensitive to noise. It should also be powerful enough to handle too much volume of water.

Material Composition

In order to be certain of long-term reliability, the filter of choice has to be tough and durable. This can only be assured if the materials that make up the filter are equally tough and durable too. It is, therefore, necessary to pay keen attention to the structural composition of the filter too while making a purchase.




When asking yourself what kind of filter should I use for my turtle tank, first you really need to know what kind of filtration is there and is your filter able to do all of them:


Mechanical Filtration

This is the first stage in any filtration process. It basically entails getting rid of impurities from the turtle tanks by use of mechanical means. In most instances, a fine medium or piece of fabric such as cotton cloth, synthetic material or Dacron is used to physically get rid of dead plant matter, turtle waste, and other dissolved debris from the water.

To do so, water in the tank is sucked into the filter. As the water passes through the filter, all the aforementioned unwanted impurities are trapped by the various pieces of fabric materials that have been mentioned.

It is necessary to note that the filters may often get clogged due to the continued accumulation of this debris. That is why it is necessary to unclog or even replace them altogether.


Chemical Filtration

In this form of filtration, chemicals, rather than physical means are used to get rid of impurities from the water. This form of filtration is capable of getting rid of those organic pollutants that are irremovable by the ordinary mechanical or biological filtration mechanisms.

It is actualized in two main stages. The first stage entails physically trapping the dirt. The second stage, on the other hand, entails the use of chemicals such as activated Carbon to adsorb i.e. to bind onto and then remove the wastes.

This method of filtration is fairly reliable. However, it may lead to toxicity especially if the procedure is carried out regularly and if too much Carbon is utilized for the task. Because of this, it is a procedure that ought to be carried out in moderation and with all the possible caution.


Biological Filtration

It is the use of microorganisms such as bacteria to break down Ammonia and convert it into Nitrites and subsequently to the Nitrates. The latter two chemicals are less poisonous to the turtles and other aquatic animals.

Bacteria may be obtained from various sources. However, the surface gravel, bio media filter, and bacteria additive are three most reliable sources.

Whereas this method is pretty effective especially in ridding the tanks of chemical pollutants, it is not without its share of demerits. For one, it is very delicate in the sense that it may easily interfere with the tank’s ecosystem. Secondly, it is by far the most expensive and time-consuming of all the methods of filtration. Finally, Nitrates are potentially harmful to several invertebrates especially if they are in high concentrations.



Fluval FX6 External Canister Filter

Fluval fx6 canister filterFor those whose lifestyles entail plenty of work in remote locations, a turtle filter that is easy to use and automated is by all means highly welcome. This is the role that fluval canister filter, fx6 filter, in particular, is suited to fulfill.

Key Features and Benefits:

Multi-Stage Filter

It filters water in several stages courtesy of this multi-stage filter mechanism. This ensures that the final output of the water so derived is of extremely high quality.

Smart Pump Technology

Once the water has been filtered, it is subsequently pumped into the tank by use of this smart pump technology. In all, the technology is fast, efficient, and highly successful.

Multi-Directional Output Nozzle

This rare yet ingenious feature simply allows the user to direct the water to whichever direction he so desires. It further makes the entire process very convenient.



  • Comprises a monthly maintenance reminder is thus convenient to monitor and maintain
  • Large Capacity: Has a large capacity of around 400 gallons
  • Requires minimal attention by reason of possessing self-starting mechanism
  • Fluval FX6 is considered as best canister filter for turtle tank



  • Weighty: Is relatively heavy and inconvenient to lift around


Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter

penn plax cascade canister filterThose who are primarily concerned with the costs of acquisition, a cheap and very affordable alternative pump is by all means highly welcome. This is that type of pump. It indeed is very cheap yet still capable executing its roles.


Key Features and Benefits:

Quick Easy-push Button

Operating the filter is simplified by means of the existence of this quick easy-push button. Users will never have to strain or expend too much effort to do so.

Independent 360-degree Rotating Valve Caps

This feature confers the required safeguards that prevent water damage to the valves. It does s by sealing and preventing the unwanted flow of water.

Flow Rate Cut-off Valves

These basically adjust the flow of water. They prevent the water from overflowing and inflicting uncalled for attendant damages.



  • By reason of comprising a sturdy tip-proof base, the filter is very stable and firm.
  • The filter is very affordable and hence within the reach of anyone who may want to possess it.
  • very compact in size.


  • Lacks several elegant features and hence has limited applicability


Zoo Med 501 Turtle Canister Filter

zoo med 501 canister filterUsers and enthusiasts who are constantly on the go require an extremely light filter. This is obviously to see to it that it is transported with relative ease to the desired remote locations. This indeed is a filter of that kind.


Key Features and Benefits: 

Clear Viewing Case

On its side is a clear viewing case. This case allows users to gaze and monitor the ongoing filtration exercise. It hence enables users to determine when filter media could be in need of replacement.

Outside-the-tank Canister Filter

Unlike most other filters, this one is small, convenient, and placed outside the tank. This arrangement allows it to be fused together with several kinds of tanks.

High Capacity

In all, the filter may work well with turtle tanks that have up to 15 gallons of capacity. This is pretty large and convenient.



  • Very Portable: Extremely light in weight and hence very portable
  • Multipurpose: It can perform biological, mechanical, and chemical filtrations
  • Easy to Clean: In all the filter is very easy to clean and maintain



  • High Power Consumption: On the whole, it consumes plenty of electrical power


Zoo Med 511 Turtle Clean Canister Filter Review

zoo med 511Filtering water is not enough. In most cases, it is necessary to increase the volume of oxygen in the water to enhance the growth of the turtles. Zoo Med turtle filter has the abilities to exude both benefits at the same time.


Key Features and Benefits


This is the component of the filter which provides the extra aeration. It is simpler and convenient to utilize. Moreover, it does not require an extra electrical power connection.

Removable Hose-connecting Device

Once the water has been filtered, it has to be channeled to the tank, of course. This filter is accompanied by a removable hose-connecting device to do this job.

Adjustable Flow Control System

To further grant the users greater control of the rate of flow of water, the filter comes along with this feature. The filter is less likely to lose control and spill over water.



  • Highly Mobile: It weighs less and is hence very mobile to deploy in a remote location
  • Easy-to-use: This filter is very easy to engage and utilize.
  • Durable: It is made of hard plastic that is very resilient to damages and is thus long-lasting



  • Bulky: The filter has a pretty large size and may hence be cumbersome to move around


Fluval 406 Canister Filter

fluval 406Sensitive installations like zoos require extremely powerful filters because of the dangers of doing a shoddy job. This is why a powerful and very reliable filter such as this one is by all means necessary.


Key Features and Benefits

AquaStop Valves

Fluval canister filters are all equipped with aquastop valves. It helps in mitigating leaks and messes by stopping the flow of water without necessarily disconnecting the hoses. Due to this, the quality of the work done is very clean.

Lift Lock Clamps

The safety of the users of this filter is made possible by this feature. It enables that by securely and quickly locks the motor housing in its place.

Advanced Motor Technology

This is an extremely powerful motor. Its role is to basically maintain a strong flow of water between any two consecutive scheduled maintenances.



  • This filter generates plenty of power that can confront just about any other impurity.
  • Pretty Fast: It does the task of filtering water in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Thorough: The overall quality of the work done by the filter is impeccable.



  • Intricate: Less skilled users may find it quite intricate to handle and operate.



Turtles, as has already been alluded to, are very sensitive to water pollution. It is, therefore, a matter of importance to see to it that the filter that is obtained is well suited for the task of getting rid of unwanted wastes.

It is worthy to point out that some aspects of the information provided for above may not hold for long. Of particular concern are the top turtle filters for aquarium reviewed in this article. This is because manufacturers are constantly innovating. Because of this, they keep churning out several products that are better than their predecessors.

This being the case, it is strongly advisable that extra research is carried out to familiarize oneself with the latest pieces of information. This should ideally happen moments before embarking on a final purchase and choosing truly the best turtle filter!

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