Enter Into World Of Bearded Dragon. Beginners Guide

Bearded Dragon

Scientifically known as Pogona Vitticeps, dragons are medium sized reptiles found in Australia’s desert regions. More specifically in southeaster Northern Territory and eastern half of Australia. They live in deserts, savannas and woodlands. When looking them in their natural habitat you will most surely find them resting and basking on branches, stumps or rocks.

So you want to have a bearded dragon? Read my care guide for one of most popular lizards for beginner reptile keepers. Bearded dragon is one of more easy to maintain lizards because of his eating habits in captivity. Food for this reptile is quite easy to come by and his needs are minimal when looking generally at reptiles as pet. This, however doesn’t mean that bearded dragon can live in captivity without taking into consideration of some special needs that are common to all lizards when kept as pets. So lets start with some basic stuff you need to know before obtaining one:

Choosing the best Bearded Dragon

Like with all pet animals best way to obtain bearded dragon is always to purchase directly from a quality breeder that knows what he is doing (and can help you with quality advice or two). If by some chance you cannot find a breeder in your area and decide to go to pet shop, first thing you need to observe is quality of cage dragon lives in (many stores don’t maintain reptiles habitats like they should and that is observable from first look). Second ask someone in store to take it in hand and if you observe that bearded dragon seems lethargic or indifferent to handling that may be first sign of sickness. Always look for energetic and active dragon and try to get the youngest you can which will grow with you in your home.


You bought one, what now?

Like all reptiles you will need a suitable aquarium/terrarium set up before you introduce him into new home. I recommend a 20 Gallon one with lamp or hood outfitted with reptile light. Like all reptiles bearded dragons need special light to stay healthy. This lizard enjoys desert environments with sand bottom and few branches on which they love to climb and bask, altought they still need a fresh source of water. Make sure that water is always available to them.


Feeding Bearded Dragons

Now if you seen those cans with dead crickets and worms for bearded dragons i must say to avoid them from start. All lizards love live food! Live crickets, worms are easily to come buy in these days and you can even set up a special tank just for breeding crickets which will reduce your cost over time.


And these are basics beginner tips for keeping bearded dragon. If you decide to have one with some proper care you will most surely have a great and rewarding pet which lives mostly for 8-12 years!

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