Five Reasons Against Betta Fish Bowl!

Betta Fish Bowl

So you have been in one of those pet shops and seen that small aquariums they keep pretty little betta, and the sales guy convinced you they like and do not need bigger aquarium (he is actually convincing you this is what they like). Now you want to buy betta fish and small bowl for you or your child. I will give you top five reasons you should consider before doing this:

Five Reasons Against Betta Fish Bowl!

1. Where are you going to put a heater?

While most people think that betta is cold water fish, this is so not true. Betta’s originate from and naturally live in Cambodia and Thailand which are quite hot countries. That’s why your betta needs and will live much longer in a temperature of water around 25°C / 76°F.

2. Filter is also a BIG problem.

How are you going to filter waste from water? No filter will ever fit in fish bowl. While you might think that such a small fish isn’t messy and will not create a lot of waste, you are wrong. Even small quantities of food will create a lot of mess in such small water quantity. While on other side in a 10 gallon aquarium (38L) rotting food wont do much harm.

3. How will you do a partial water change in bowl?

Bowl is small and in any other aquarium we change 25% of water weekly or bi-weekly (aquarium with filter of course). We do this not to disturb aquarium nitrogen cycle and not to stress fish with different water temperatures. This simply wont work in fish bowl.

4. Decorations / Gravel

No plats or decorations fit in fish bowl, and even if you put them it will be very hard to change water and clean that bowl. Betta’s like and need some plants and hiding decorations where it will hide and feel safe and comfortable.

5. Would you like to live in a bowl?

The most important reason. Betta’s like all living things deserves a quality and stress free environment. Putting fish as small as they get in a  fish bowl is just a big no!

So now you know some basic reasons against betta fish bowls and go and buy  that pretty little betta fish a 10 Gallon (25Litres) aquarium with small filter and heater. Put some plants and decorations in it and give it a good life.

Happy FishKeeping!


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