Nemo Fish In Your Living Room? It Is Possible.

clownfish - nemo fish

And so you seen the cartoon, now you ask yourself can i have a Nemo in my home? I say yes, having a saltwater tropical aquarium is not as hard as it seems, as long you take some special care and research some more (as you should when thinking acquiring any pet). Saltwater aquarium are still more harder to keep and care than your average freshwater aquarium (and more costly also). In this article I explained some basics to you how to start a small saltwater aquarium, now let me give you some more insights how to keep a Nemo fish in that aquarium.


Introduction to Ocellaris Clownfish

Nemo and his dad most resemble fish species called Ocellaris Clowfish, which is small tropical fish with very intensive colors. Clownfish usually grows up to 5 inches (11 cm), its body is oval shape and colors are mixed white with reddish-brown. Ocellaris in captivity usually lives around 10 years (with having proper care and adequate habitat).

When first buying ocellaris clowfish please take care to always buy captive-bred fish as feeding habits, acclimatization and raising it in your aquarium will be much easier. And of course you preserve ocean wild life and reef population in this way. Clownfish are usually ideal beginner saltwater fish since they are hardy and easy to care for. Looking at clowfish with his strange swimming where his whole body moves like waves and his anticipation or how I like to call it begging for food is a true sight to see and experience with your family. And if you pair it with other clownfish and stock your aquarium with anemone you will have a sight to see in your house (clownfish in natural habitats live in symbiosis with anemones as you probably seen in cartoon).


Feeding habits of Clownfish

Feeding habits of clownfish are generally easy going. Feed them quality flake or pellet food made for carnivores or omnivores and you can always mix it with some frozen food. Feed them once per day or if you want to keep water quality in check, clowfish will not have problems if fed every other day. When giving them food always drop flakes or pellets as much as they can eat in 2-3 minutes. DO NOT overfeed, overfeeding in saltwater aquarium can cause a disaster with water quality dropping radically in just one day!

When talking about water parameters for ocellaris clowfish this are recommended ones:

  • Temperature: 73-80 °F (23-26 Celsius)
  • Specific Gravity: 1.021 – 1.026
  • Ammonia: 0
  • Nitrates/Nitrites: <.2ppm

Tank size

When considering tank size for ocellaris minimum is 12 Gallons aquarium but only if you plan to keep one or two of them. Also when having bigger mixed aquarium take care not to mix different breeds of clowfish as they are aggressive  and fight among them selves.

So now you know the basics and go setup that aquarium and get one or two clowfish. Yu will most surely have a beautiful sight to look at in your living room or office.

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