Three Popular Types Of Hamster And What to Know About Them

Types of hamsters

Hamsters have been one of the most popular pocket pets for generations.  This is so for good reason: they’re cute, easy to care for, and their antics amuse people of all ages.  But if you’re new to owning a hamster, you may be overwhelmed when you go to the pet shop and see many different types available.  Although some of the hamster types may seem similar, they do have some differences when it comes to personality and care.  Here are three of the more common types you’ll see, and what you need to know about them. In post how to care for hamster I explained some basic stuff for caring, now let us see what are more popular pet hamster you can acquire as pet.


Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamster
Syrian hamsters are the most common type and are what most people think of when they hear the word “hamster”.  They are the largest of the common breeds and are generally the most laid-back and easiest to tame.  Like all hamsters, they can have a bit of an attitude, but careful and frequent handling will usually calm them down.  Over time, they will usually learn to be very gentle.

Syrian hamsters come in many different colors as well as both long-haired and short-haired varieties.  Since they are all the same type of hamster, their needs are similar to each other.  You may have to take some extra time to make sure that a long-haired hamster stays clean, especially near his tail.  More so than the other hamster species, Syrian hamsters prefer to be kept alone instead of in a group.

Overall, Syrian hamsters make the best choice for beginner hamster owners.


Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

Campbell dwarf hamster

Dwarf hamsters are smaller than their Syrian counterparts.  They also tend to be slightly more skittish.  Like Syrians, they can be trained to be tamer and more calm.  However, because they are quicker and smaller, they can be more difficult to handle.  If children will be handling the dwarf hamster, it would be a good idea to start them out slowly.  Begin by simply introducing the hamster to your hand before trying to pick it up.

Dwarf hamsters are primarily brown, but a related species called the Winter White Hamster can turn white in the wintertime. Both of these types of hamsters are usually okay with others, although individual personalities will vary.  Keep an eye on your hamsters and separate them if you see any signs of fighting.

Dwarf hamsters are a good choice for older children or people who have had prior experience with small animals.


Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski hamster

These are the smallest type of pet hamster, only growing to a length of about two inches as an adult.  They are very active, particularly at dawn and dusk.  They are also timid and shy.  As they are not as easy to tame as the other types of hamster, they are more of a pet for watching than for handling.  Watching them is always a lot of fun due to their how active they are, and they usually get along well with other Roborovski hamsters.

Roborovski hamsters are a good choice for anyone who wants a fun pet to look at but not necessarily to handle.

No matter what type of hamster you choose to get, you’ll be investing in a fun and adorable pet that the entire family will soon grow fond of.  Best of luck in your hamster adventures!

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